Co2 Capsule 88g
Co2 Capsule 88g

Co2 Capsule 88g

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Hazard notes
   WARNING H280 Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. P102 Keep out of reach of children. P403 Store in a well-ventilated place. P410 Protect from sunlight. 

Weight: 410 g Shipping weight: 420 g

Here you can find all Walther fully licenced products in our offer. Walther product line contains only the most realistic and highest quality products made by experienced airsoft companies, approved by real firearms manufacturer. Established in 1886 in Germany, Walther is one of the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world. With a history of revolutionary firearms designs, Walther decided to differentiate their product line to include such things, like knives, flashlights, gun maintenance and weapon accessories all made with their high quality and innovating designs heritage.

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